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Volkswagen Classic Parts
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Technical information.

Volkswagen Classic Parts - Technik

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Technical support for classic cars: Volkswagen Classic Parts provides information and advice relating to the technique of older Volkswagen models.

Most older Volkswagen models are fit for E10

Almost all gas engine Volkswagen models are able to utilize the new E10 fuel. Volkswagen thus contributes to reducing the environmental impact and to further decreasing CO2 emissions. The new E10 fuels contain a 10 % bio-ethanol admixture and have been offered at gas stations throughout the EU since the beginning of this year.

The E10 operability (in accordance with the German standard DIN 51626-1 and the European standard EN 228) applies to all gas engines of the MPI, FSI, TSI, and TFSI types that are used in Volkswagen vehicles. The only exception are the models on the following list:

List of Volkswagen models not suitable with E10 on (German only)

All historic models by the Volkswagen brand can be operated without any problems using a fuel that contains a bio admixture of five percent (E5).