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Volkswagen Classic Parts
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Payment and Delivery Information

Which payment methods are available?
At the moment, we can accept payments by Credit card, Pre-payment (Banking Transfer), PayPal and Instant bank transfer.

How do I pay in advance (Banking Transfer)?
You will receive the reference number for the bank transfer (please indicate this) and the necessary bank information after placing your order. In addition, you can find this information on your order confirmation, which you will receive by e-mail.

Delivery takes place only after receipt of the total sum on the following account:

Weser-Ems Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Volkswagen Classic Parts
Bank: Commerzbank Wolfsburg
IBAN-Nummer: DE17269410530686820200
Swift / BIC Code: COBADEFF269

Please always quote your reference number to use as reason for transfer.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?
Yes, the shipping costs vary between countries and whether your order is a package, bulky or has to be shipped via a forwarder. To find out the shipping costs for an item, take a look at the delivery information, next to an article’s price.
In case you order several items with different shipping charges, the highest shipping costs will be calculated for the entire order. Volkswagen Certificates and Data Sheets are free of shipping costs.

Which shipping methods are offered?
Standard shipments take place via UPS.

How long will delivery take?
Unless Volkswagen Classic Parts and the customer have individually agreed upon a deviating delivery period or unless the Volkswagen Classic Parts E-Shop provides for a deviating delivery period, the delivery periods amount to 2 to 5 working days in case of a delivery within Germany, to 4 to 10 working days in case of a delivery abroad and in the event of overseas delivery outside of Europe to up to 6 to 8 weeks, each starting as of the day of dispatch of the acceptance declaration according to section 3.7. in our terms and conditions.

To which countries can my delivery be shipped?
The table below gives an overview of the transit countries and shipping costs. Currently we do not offer shipping to countries that are not listed in the list. There is no delivery to islands and mountain stations.
If your country is not listed in the following table, please contact us [Contact ]. We will gladly submit an offer.

For delivery within Germany we charge a flat rate of 7.50 EUR per order with parcel delivery. From an order value of 70 EUR, we deliver packages within Germany free shipping.

Original Volkswagen Certificates and datasheets are free of shipping costs.

Our products can currently be shipped to the following countries:

Country   Package   Bulky goods   Shipping agent   with and above order value

Germany 7,31 EUR   21,93 EUR   109,66 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Germany 0,00 EUR   21,93 EUR   109,66 EUR   70,00 EUR

Belgium 28,76 EUR   87,24 EUR   438,17 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Bulgaria 58,00 EUR   174,97 EUR   876,82 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Denmark 28,76 EUR   87,24 EUR   438,17 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

France 28,76 EUR   87,24 EUR   438,17 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Luxembourg 28,76 EUR   87,24 EUR   438,17 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Netherlands 28,76 EUR   87,24 EUR   438,17 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Austria 28,76 EUR   87,24 EUR   438,17 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Estonia 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Finland 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Greece 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Cyprus 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR
United Kingdom

United Kingdom 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Ireland 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Italy 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Malta 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Croatia 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Romania 58,00 EUR   174,97 EUR   876,82 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Latvia 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Lithuania 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Norway 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Poland 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Portugal 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Sweden 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Switzerland 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Slovakia 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Slovenia 58,00 EUR   174,97 EUR   876,82 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Spain 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR
Czech Republic

Czech Republic 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Hungary 36,55 EUR   109,66 EUR   548,32 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Egypt 58,00 EUR   174,97 EUR   876,82 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Certificates and Data Sheets can also be delivered to the following countries:

USA Free Shipping
Canada Kanada Flagge Free Shipping
Thailand Thailand Flagge Free Shipping

Can I collect my order in Wolfsburg?

Only the administrative office of Volkswagen Classic Parts is situated in Wolfsburg. All orders are exclusively shipped to you from our main warehouse in Hesse. A collection is not longer possible.