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How can I order an article?
You can place your order in the Volkswagen Classic Parts Shop in only a few steps. Choose the wanted article and add it to your shopping cart. Click on “Order Progress” in your cart and follow the further steps. You can see the order step at any time.

Which settings apply for JavaScript and Cookies?
Execution of JavaScript and the saving of cookies have to be allowed.

Which ideal display resolution has to be given?
The ideal display resolution is 1024 * 768 pixels.

Which browsers can be used?
You can use the Internet Explorer from version 8.0, Mozilla Firefox from version 3.0, Safari from version 5.0 and Chrome from version 15.0.

How can I look at an article?
To look at an article, click on the article picture, the article description or the button “more info”.

How do I search an article?
If you are looking for a certain article, fill its description into the product search, at the home side. You can also find articles by searching via the product categories. For this, click on a category at the left menu bar and scroll through the articles listed.

How do I change quantities?
You can determine the quantity from every article you would like to buy. For changing a quantity, click into the box next to “quantity” and change the quantity.

Which articles did I view last?
In the summary “last views” you can see the articles you have just looked at. You can select these articles as usual with every article function.

How can I order an article?
You can place your order in the Volkswagen Classic Parts Shop in only a few steps. Choose the wanted article and add it to your shopping cart. Click on “Order Progress” in your cart and follow the further steps. You can see the current order step at any time.

Which quality levels has Volkswagen Classic Parts and how are they marked?

Genuine Volkswagen Quality

Genuine Volkswagen Quality
Original is ideal. That is why 90% of our selection are former Volkswagen Original Parts. They were manufactured following strict Volkswagen Quality guidelines. They can be identified by the engrained VW-Badge, the part-number and the nostalgic original packaging. Some classic cars enthusiasts call this „New Old Stock“ or „NOS Parts“ - coming from old stocks and never being used before.

Genuine Reproduction Quality

Genuine Remanufactored Quality
To make sure your classic car will always be in good shape we remanufacture highly demanded parts. All in perfect original quality because our provider works following the Volkswagen factory’s specifications often by using the original tools. That makes us able to offer thousands of new parts in perfect original quality.

Original Equipment Quality

Original Equipment Quality
Wear part in particular like tooth- or fan belts and components regarding the brake are constantly completed in our assortment by well proven partners who are or were dealers of initial-equipment. They are called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Since these spare parts are strictly checked they are delivered by us using the unopened original manufacturers packaging.

Aftermarket Quality

Aftermarket Quality
Even if original or initial-equipment spare parts are not available anymore we make sure to help you with the part you need. We have the best quality in offer taken out of other outlets. Here again we send these parts in the original providers packaging to show our transparency.

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Does Classic Parts have literature?
Unfortunately, these documents are not longer available. You can require copies of selected manuals from the History Department of Volkswagen AG ( Repair manuals, parts catalogs and more information on these topics can be found on our website:

How do I get to my shopping cart?
You can reach your shopping cart by clicking the button “shopping cart”.

How do I add an article into my shopping cart?
You can add an article to your shopping cart by clicking “add to cart”.

How do I delete an article from my shopping cart?
Go to your shopping cart. Click the button which looks like a dustbin.

How do I change the quantities in my shopping cart?
Click at the link "edit" at the column Qty.

How do I exit the shopping cart?
To get back to Home, click the button “continue shopping”, the emblem “Volkswagen Classic Parts”, the header picture or click the button “Home” in the head menu.

Which payment methods are available?
At the moment, we can accept payments by Credit card, Pre-payment (Banking Transfer), PayPal and Instant bank transfer.

How do I pay in advance (Banking Transfer)?
You will receive the reference number for the bank transfer (please indicate this) and the necessary bank information after placing your order. In addition, you can find this information on your order confirmation, which you will receive by e-mail.

Delivery takes place only after receipt of the total sum on the following account:

Weser-Ems Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Volkswagen Classic Parts
Bank: Commerzbank Wolfsburg
IBAN-Nummer: DE17269410530686820200
Swift / BIC Code: COBADEFF269

Please always quote your reference number to use as reason for transfer.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?
Yes, the shipping costs vary between countries and whether your order is a package, bulky or has to be shipped via a forwarder. To find out the shipping costs for an item, take a look at the delivery information, next to an article’s price.
In case you order several items with different shipping charges, the highest shipping costs will be calculated for the entire order.

Which shipping methods are offered?
Standard shipments take place via UPS.

How long will delivery take?
Unless Volkswagen Classic Parts and the customer have individually agreed upon a deviating delivery period or unless the Volkswagen Classic Parts E-Shop provides for a deviating delivery period, the delivery periods amount to 2 to 5 working days in case of a delivery within Germany, to 4 to 10 working days in case of a delivery abroad and in the event of overseas delivery outside of Europe to up to 6 to 8 weeks, each starting as of the day of dispatch of the acceptance declaration according to section 3.7. at our terms and conditions.

To which countries can my delivery be shipped?

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The table below gives an overview of the transit countries and shipping costs. Currently we do not offer shipping to countries that are not listed in the list. There is no delivery to islands and mountain stations.
If your country is not listed in the following table, please contact us [Contact ]. We will gladly submit an offer.

Country   Package   Bulky goods   Shipping agent   with and above order value

Germany 0,00 EUR   22,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   70,00 EUR

Germany 7,50 EUR   22,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Belgium 29,50 EUR   89,50 EUR   449,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Bulgaria 59,50 EUR   179,50 EUR   899,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Denmark 29,50 EUR   89,50 EUR   449,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

France 29,50 EUR   89,50 EUR   449,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Luxembourg 29,50 EUR   89,50 EUR   449,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Malta 59,50 EUR   179,50 EUR   899,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Netherlands 29,50 EUR   89,50 EUR   449,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Austria 29,50 EUR   89,50 EUR   449,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Estonia 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Finland 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Greece 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR
United Kingdom

United Kingdom 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Ireland 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Italy 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Croatia 59,50 EUR   179,50 EUR   899,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Romania 59,50 EUR   179,50 EUR   899,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Latvia 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Lithuania 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Norway 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Poland 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Portugal 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Sweden 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Switzerland 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Slovakia 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Slovenia 59,50 EUR   179,50 EUR   899,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Spain 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR
Czech Republic

Czech Republic 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Hungary 37,50 EUR   112,50 EUR   562,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Egypt 59,50 EUR   179,50 EUR   899,50 EUR   > 0,00 EUR

Can I collect my order in Wolfsburg?
Only the administrative office of Volkswagen Classic Parts is situated in Wolfsburg. All orders are exclusively shipped to you from our main warehouse in Hessen. A collection is not longer possible.

Who is my contact for returns or complaints of articles?

Of course we are available in case of returns or complaints. If you previously have any questions about your product, you are welcome by contacting us via the support.

Volkswagen Classic Parts
Weser-Ems Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

Tel.: +49 5361 3085 7729
Fax: +49 5361 3085 7777

E-Mail: oder

For a definite return, please use the following address:

Volkswagen Classic Parts
Logistics Center
Otto-Hahn-Straße 10
34466 Wolfhagen

How and when can I return items?
You can cancel your contract declaration in writing (e. g. letter, fax, e-mail) without giving a reason within 14 days or - in case the goods will be delivered before the deadline – by returning them. The period begins upon receipt of the revocation in writing, but not before receipt of the goods from you and also does not fulfill our statutory information obligations. The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation or thing.
In case of an effective cancellation the mutually received benefits are to be returned. That is, you send the article back to us (if not already done) and we will refund the purchase price paid.

After the one month period, you can still return the item, if this has a detectable defect or a defect within the warranty period for material defects. For more details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions
Please enclose the received invoice with your return and declare the reason of return.

By returns via mail, we ask you to keep the postal receipt for possible call backs.

How can I complain and return goods?
Please use the following form only:

German -
Englisch -
French -

Do I always have to return a used part when buying an exchange part?
Basically, a return of an used part is only required when a deposit had to be paid by buying an exchange part. Please check your delivery note or invoice.

Where do I have to send the used part?
You can find the address on the return note which you will receive from us. Please send the used part only to this address and use the following form:

Which advantages does a customer account have?
Through a personalized account, you can quickly and easily place an order with your previously stored billing and shipping addresses orders.

What do I do if I forgot my password?
If you have forgotten your password, you can change it by clicking the link “forgot password” in “my account”. You will receive an activation link and afterwards a new password via e-mail which you should change in your account for safety reasons.

How can I change my personal information?
If you are logged in, you can change your data at any time.

What oil do I use in my vehicle?
You can find the relevant information in the operating instructions of your vehicle. Of course you can also directly contact an oil producer. Information can be obtained, for example, here - the lubricant specialist is one of the suppliers of the Volkswagen Group:

Where can I find the milling code for my key?
If you remove the door handle, you can find the key code on the back side after cleaning it:


Where can I find the gearbox code?
Usually, the gearbox code is found on the gear housing, together with the gearbox number. For vehicles from model year 1981 the code is also found in the vehicle data in the service manual or in the vehicle. See further information here:

Where can I find the engine code and the engine number?
Usually, the engine code is found on the cylinder block, together with the engine number. For vehicles from model year 1981 the code is also found in the vehicle data in the service manual or in the vehicle. See further information here:

I need information about colors and features of my vehicle.
Based on the chassis number, the History Department from Volkswagen AG ( is able to provide information about the delivery status of your vehicle. Basically, a proof of ownership (e.g. vehicle registration or sales contract) is required. Data sheets and certificates with costs can be requiered from the Foundation AutoMuseum Volkswagen:

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?
To access the terms and conditions, please click the button “Terms and Conditions” in the footer.

Where is the imprint?
You will find the imprint in the footer.

How do I contact the support?
In case you have a question to our support, click the button “contact” in the header menu. Via our contact form, you can directly send us your enquiry. Please fill in title, first name, last name and your e-mail-address. Then select the subject and type in your message. To complete your enquiry, please click the button “send”.

How can I reach you by phone?
Our Classic Competence Center are available in case you desire personal or telephone consultation about Volkswagen Classic Parts. These regional bases gladly assist you with spare parts search and ordering or for maintenance, repair and restoration of your classic car. An overview can be found at our website:

You can directly reach us via our contact form on our website:

How do I get back to the home page?
To return to the home page, click on the emblem “Volkswagen Classic Parts”, the VW Logo, the header picture or click the “home” button in the header menu.